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Consultation and Workshops

Faith in Motion Consulting provides effective consultation services and processes to warrant provision of high quality, equitable and accessible comprehensive counseling (as well as informational workshops) to help students and parents navigate and manage the college planning process with ease.


Academics and Non-Academics Review

Faith in Motion Consulting performs thorough assessments of students’ academic and non-academic profile to provide accurate advice and strategies for academic readiness and meaningful extracurricular activity engagements to prepare students for increased chances of  being accepted into the college of their dreams and for long-term college success.

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College and Career Readiness 

Faith in Motion Consulting facilitates alignment of career exploration and college course curriculum design to help students identify what careers best match their interests and identify correct academic paths for college readiness and admissions to connect postsecondary plans with career aspirations.

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Counseling

Faith in Motion Consulting dispels the myth of college is unaffordable by increasing  students’ and parent’s financial awareness on ways to pay for college. Faith in Motion Consulting will employ resources to help students and parents become familiar and have a thorough understanding of financial aid/scholarship processes to successfully secure aid to help pay for college.


College Search and Creation of College List

Faith in Motion Consulting educates and advises students and parents on different college options; engage students to explore (through search tools) colleges; and help students create  their list of potential colleges that best match for their academics, interests, financial, social,  psychological and personal needs. By educating students and parents of the college search process, Faith in Motion Consulting provides students and parents a framework for understanding the journey from aspiration to attainment.

School Application

College Application Guidance

Faith in Motion Consulting educates students and parents on the application process to include advising on application structure, application  platforms (Common application, Coalition application, etc.), and application plans (Early Action,  Early Decision, Regular Admission, etc.). Faith in Motion Consulting assists with application preparation to ensure accuracy, completeness and timely submission to positioning students’ for acceptance.

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Interview Preparation

Understanding colleges desire to build a well-rounded community of students who complement their vision and mission, Faith in Motion Consulting helps students shape their narratives when discussing their goals, reasons for wanting to attend a particular college in addition to  asking follow-up questions about the college in a relaxed yet polished manner. Faith in Motion Consulting helps students understand the purpose of college interviews; understand requirements for an effective interview; and assist with development of strategies to prepare  and conduct effective interviews.


College Selection

Choosing a college to call home for the next four years can be very daunting tasks for students and a decision that is not to be taken lightly. Affordability, fit, location and support services are factors that will shape students collegiate experience. Faith in Motion Consulting helps students with taking these factors in account when making their final selection.

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Transition Services

Faith in Motion Consulting wants to continue to motivate momentum and engagement to ease effective transition for long-term college success. Faith in Motion Consulting works with students to identify strategies and resources to help ease their transition and acclimation to college with goals of promoting a higher retention and graduation rate.

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