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Counseling Philosophy


Faith in Motion Consulting believes in empowering students to achieve their dream of higher education regardless of their background. Therefore, Faith in Motion Consulting is committed to providing equitable, accessible, and quality comprehensive college counseling to help students successfully navigate the college admissions process to gain acceptance into colleges that best meets students’ academic, interests, financial, social, psychological and personal needs.

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To be an equitable, accessible, and service-oriented college access counselor providing comprehensive college counseling to guide and empower students to take ownership in their college-planning process; collaborate and partner with parents and other educational stakeholders to help facilitate the success of students pursuing their dreams of a higher education.

Individualized Services

Understanding college access counseling is not a “one size fits all”, I provide individualized services to meet students where they are with regards to their college knowledge and work at their pace so they can understand the process and take ownership of their college-going process.

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College-Going Culture Team

Understanding partnerships are essential to effective college access counseling, I not only work collaboratively with students but also recruit and team with parents, college admissions officers and other college students to build a college-going culture team to encourage and aspire students to apply and enroll in colleges.


Accessibility is key to building trust and maintaining momentum when guiding students and parents through the college-planning process.  I use multiple communications methods (email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Newsletters, etc.) to communicate with students and parents have easy access to pertinent information to assist with the college-planning process.

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Counseling Philosophy: Projects
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